About Us

Aisiki is on a mission to be the most efficient supply chain infrastructure for fresh produce in Africa

Fresh meets technology

Every day, thousands of tonnes of fruits, vegetables and meat are consumed around the world. These fresh foods constitute mostly the protein, vitamins and minerals in our diets. But the process involved in moving these highly perishable farm produce from farms to markets is not as easy as it seems. However with the help of technology, we are transforming the value chain by moving produce directly from the farmers to restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and service providers as quickly as possible and at the least cost to ensure our cities thrive on cheaper and safer food.

The problem we are trying to solve

Farmers toil all through the planting season and still have to go through a lot to sell after harvest. There is a lack of information within the value chain about price, demand and supply levels. On the other hand, retailers have to go to market almost everyday to restock, not knowing at what price they may likely buy. Likewise, they are very unsure of the quality of produce they will get to buy.

The solution we are building

Aisiki is a reliable, cost-effective and time-efficient tech-enabled platform that relies on cutting-edge technologies in efficiently pricing and procuring produce directly from the farmers with high level of transparency and assurance. Businesses can trust us to deliver to them always, best quality produce at the most competitive price.

Our Core Values

Responsive operations

We strive to ensure that we are building not for ourselves alone but actually for the customers. Our operations are designed in a manner that consistently seek to satisfy our customers.

Agile development

As a firm that is always seeking to bring value to its customers, we strive to be as agile as possible in the development of our solutions by avoiding waste and ensuring true value is built and well-distributed.

Productive management

We count ourselves as stewards. We believe that we exist and grow by the endorsement of our stakeholders and customers, thus we strive at all levels to be as efficient as possible with resources.

Innovative thinking-

Thinking- to create a value is one, and to remain valuable for decades is another. Our approach on what innovation is, is key to helping us create the future of food distribution in Africa.

Detailed attention

Our operations have a lot to do with the safety of lives and betterment of the societies we belong to. We work very hard, round the clock, to ensure we leave no stone unturned, paying close attention to every step of the process.

Meet Our Founders

Babatunde Lawal


Babatunde Esanju